Glitz and Glamour

Suitable for the Show Ring and low energy pets


My Precious Collection, Tagiffany’s luxury show ring collection. These extravagant tags are not your everyday tag and time and time again have proved a winner in the show ring. Available in an array of beautiful designs, detailed with stunning crystals creating that extra special accessory for your pets. Why not pamper your pets, diamonds can also be a pet’s best friend.

Tagiffany Shimmer Paw Yellow Gold Pet ID Tag


The Shimmer Collection, Tagiffany’s bestseller. These beautiful tags are like no others on the market, oozing glamour and glitz in every way. The Shimmer Collection will make your pet the talk of the town with these show stopping dazzlers.


Suitable for both low and high energy pets

Tagiffany Smartie Heart Red Pet ID Tag


The Smartie Collection, Tagiffany’s first ever collection. These practical, yet vibrant tags offer a unique feature, the placement of the split ring means the tag is positioned flat against your pet’s neck, providing comfort at all times. Not only this, but the tag continually remains a beautiful accessory to be seen by all.


Suitable for both low and high energy pets, but has proven a hit amongst working dogs


The Hooped Brass Collection, Tagiffany’s simple yet stylish collection. These minimalist tags have proven extremely popular with gundog owners. Offering durability and strength through the integrated split ring hole design feature, demonstrating robustness through every terrain.


The Chunky Bone Collection, Tagiffany’s first bone collection. These modest, let stylish tags offer strength through the researched design features and is the thickest bone on the market. Both sides can be engraved so is perfect for owners who require a lot of essential information presented on their tags.


Suitable for both low and high energy pets

Sweetie Mouse Engraved Pet ID Tag for Cats - Blue


My Sweetie Collection, Tagiffany’s hard-wearing collection. These standard tags are engineered to challenge the toughest and roughest pets out there. Offering durability and strength through the integrated split ring hole design feature, these understated tags are not to be underestimated.