Can My Precious tags be used everyday?

As the My Precious tags are designed for the Showring, we do recommend if you’re looking for a tag to be worn every day, to choose one from our other Collections due to their ability to withstand more daily wear and tear

What should I have engraved on my tag?

Click Here to find out all the details you need to know about what information to display on your pets tag

Should I put my pets name on their identification tag?

This is your choice, it’s not required my law but we recommend not to display your pets name. Sadly in this day and age pet theft is becoming a daily occurrence, If the thief knows the name of your pet, this may help them in passing them onto the new unsuspecting owners as it would appear the dog responds to their name.

What type of engraving do you do?

Our pet identification tags are engraved using the latest top of the range fibre laser machines. Your tags will look very smart with black filled lettering making it easy to read, clean looking and long lasting - just the job.

Can I put two tags on my collar using the same D-ring?

We recommend that you don’t attached both to the same D-ring. This is purely because the tags will constantly be banging and rubbing together, causing excessive wear and damage to your tags, resulting in the need to replace the tags

Collars & Leads

What type of leather are your collars and leads manufactured from?

Our collars and leads are manufactured for Tagiffany using the finest Italian Leather

How do I care for my collar and lead to ensure maximum life from them?

Click here to find out all the instructions you need to care for your collar and lead

Why do your collars have two D-rings?

The Kensington Collars have been developed by Tagiffany to feature an additional d-ring, a unique feature on the market. This additional d-ring allows owners to attach the lead and tag to different rings. Eliminating the constant rubbing which can over time, damage your tag.

Can I put additional holes in the collar to make it smaller?

Yes this is possible. Tagiffany can do this for you before dispatching your order, the request can be made during checkout.


What is Pet of the Month?

Pet of the Month is a competition held by Tagiffany each month whereby customers send pictures of their pets modeling their new Tagiffany collars, leads and tags. At the end of the month, a judging panel reviews all the entries and decides upon the winner, which will receive a fabulous goodie bag of special treats and toys

How does the loyalty scheme work?

Once you have completed the setup of your personal account with Tagiffany, we will create your individual loyalty account. With each purchase, whether this be a tag, collar, or even a split ring, Tagiffany will automatically calculate the rewards you have earnt from your order, which can then be used against future purchases.

How long will it take for my tag to arrive?

Your ordered will be completed and dispatched within two working days

Do I need to sign for my delivery?

No, your tag will be delivered using a small padded envelope which fits through all letterboxes