Hemp Oil For Dogs Cats & Pets



    • Hemp Oil – Prime Pet is a pure Hemp Oil that contains only 100% organic hemp seed oil to provide dogs, cats, and small pets the clean, effective support they need to feel better inside and out. Does not contain CBD or THC. Our Hemp seed oil is 100% natural with no artificial flavourings, colours or additives. A cold pressed technique is used to extract the oil ensuring there is no loss of vital vitamins, minerals or fats during manufacturing





    • Natural Anti-Inflammatory – Our Pet Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats helps reduce joint inflammation which can be caused by arthritic pain, or aging improving flexibility and mobility.





    • Relieve Stress and Separation Anxiety – Hemp oil for pets is perfect for small, medium, and large breeds, it can help reduce overwhelming emotions, stress, separation anxiety by promoting calming relaxation





    • Fortifies Joint, Skin, and Coat Health – This Hemp seed oil can also help boost the immune system while creating healthier, shinier coats, reducing skin irritations, and keeping joints strong and flexible for improved mobility.





    • Supports Pets of All Shapes and Sizes – Prime Pet Hemp Seed Oil is a dietary supplement specifically for pets,  which means it can support a wide range of shapes and sizes from a little terrier, small tabby cat, to a large bulldog just the same. Add to food or on a favourite dog treat, do not use if your Pet is pregnant or lactating



Keep out of reach of children, not for human consumption, store in a cool place, follow the directions on the packaging.

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