Tagiffany are the leading online retailer and vet supplier for prestige designer dog and cat products. With several beautiful unique collections, Tagiffany are the market leaders in developing pioneering products for pet owners.

Our selection of quality, never seen before collections have evolved over the years to provide owners with the guarantee that Tagiffany products will last the test of time.

Interested in becoming a trusted partner?

Tagiffany have hundreds of parners within veterinary practices, profesional groomers and pet stores across the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Each of our partners receives an impressive Tag Board which can be proudly displayed on any counter.

Along with your Board, you will be provided with product information, legislation advice, guidelines and much more to assist your colleagues.

Pet ID Tags

Each of the Tagiffany Collections have been manufactured from premium grade materials, combining style with versatility. When engraving each tag, Tagiffany use the latest diamond tip technology delivery a deep, crisp cut, ensuring each Tagiffany tag stands the test of time.

Kensington Leather Collars and Leads

These elegant products have been designed exclusively for Tagiffany. Each collar and lead are hand crafted in the UK, using only but the finest Italian dyed leather and feature the beautiful Tagiffany heart.